9 януари 2015 г.

A "Sporty" Post From Not-So-Sporty Girl (Game Day OOTD)

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There are days that are just a little bit different - and today is a day like that.A sweetheart from Fanatics asked me if I wanted to style a game day outfit.
I like challenges so I was so grateful to pick a jersey and accessories and share it with you.

But why New York Giants?
I always associated New York with Alicia's masterpriece, Broadway and chasing dreams. So why not? Why not shine even when you support your favorite team? Because sporty doesn't have to mean "not stylish".

Combo all of the above with something simple, like black tights and you have the perfect outfit!

 If you are a fan of NFL you should definitely browse through this site - it has everything you have wanted connected with it - NFL jerseys,T-shirts, key chains, bags, even shoes and socks! Everything that a qualified fan needs.
*And they are really sweet and cute too*

All of the items above can be purchased from Fanatics.

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